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Since our founding in 1984, we have invested over US$650 million into more than 160 companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong S.A.R. ("Hong Kong") and China, ranging from early to late stage companies as well as buyout and control transactions.

We will explore and target different industry sectors within our targeted geographical markets which offer exciting growth opportunities. These include, but are not limited to:

• Business Services;
• Speciality Retailing / Healthcare Services;
• Chemicals;
• Telecoms / Information Technology;
• Environmental Engineering; and
• Clean Energy.

Generally, our investments range from US$10 million to US$25 million for promising growth-stage and mature companies seeking later-stage funding. For pre-IPO deals, we seek to strategically invest between US$1 million to US$5 million per company.  We are open to syndicating with other investors for investments of larger amounts such as for buyout and control transactions. We are typically a lead investor, playing an active role on the boards of our portfolio companies.

Value Adding


We apply the full extent of our Asian and global resources to help portfolio companies achieve success. Here are just some of the ways we add value:


Assisting with strategic planning and operational issues

Typically SEAVI Advent holds seats on the boards of portfolio companies. As a result of this experience and our industry and operating expertise, we are well-positioned to help companies address a range of issues relating to product development, fund raising, partnership negotiations, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, management recruitment and implementation of appropriate financial systems and controls.

Forging alliances with corporate investors

Portfolio companies can look to SEAVI Advent for assistance in facilitating customer and strategic relationships with our corporate partners.

Negotiating acquisitions

Some of our portfolio companies pursue acquisitions to expand their product lines, geographic reach or market position. As a financial investor, SEAVI Advent has the ability and prestige to help identify, negotiate and finance such acquisitions for them.


Identifying additional sources of capital

Our extensive contacts and clout in the private equity and investment banking communities enable us to help companies find the most attractive sources of additional capital. We use our influence with these firms to ensure that portfolio companies receive the best attention and most attractive terms in public equity, debt offerings and corporate sales.

Preparing for IPOs

With a long history of IPOs on various stock exchanges, we have significant experience in positioning companies for public offerings. We offer assistance in strengthening financial management and controls, reorganising boards of directors, identifying and choosing IPO professionals, and negotiating terms of the offering.


Seeking trade buyers

Sometimes a strategic sale is a more appropriate option for achieving shareholder value. We have extensive experience in facilitating such exits and with our global affiliation, is well positioned to attract international trade buyers for our investments, which can substantially enhance exit values. Foreign buyers often pay a strategic premium when the acquisition can be positioned to establish a foothold for the buyer in a new territory.

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