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SEAVI Advent completes investment in Jianzhi Education

8 February 2023

SEAVI Advent Private Equity today announced that its sixth fund, SEAVI Advent Equity VI has successfully completed its investment in Jianzhi Education Technology Group Co Ltd (NASDAQ: JZ) (the “Company”). The investment recognises the potential of China’s higher vocational education market and is expected to contribute to the Company’s future growth.

As a leading provider of digital education content in China, the Company is ranked as the seventh largest provider of digital content for higher education in China and the largest provider of digital content for vocational training in China according to a 2021 Frost & Sullivan report. Since its inception in 2011, the Company has curated a comprehensive and multi-dimensional library of digital education content based on its deep understanding and rich experience in vocational training and its own strong curriculum development capabilities. The Company's educational content library has 30,000 online videos and video courses, with a total viewing duration of approximately 6,100 hours as of 31 December 2021. The Company's educational content covers areas such as employment and entrepreneurship guidance, professional skills enhancement, quality enhancement and career planning.


Widely recognised in the education sector in China, the Company has received a number of honorary recognitions in the fields of vocational education including: National High-Tech Enterprise, Software Enterprise Recognition, Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise, National 12th Five-Year Plan Project for Key Publications, and Member of China Educational Equipment Industry Association, etc. The company also owns 41 software copyrights and obtained a series of certifications such as ISO9001 quality management system, ISO27001 information security management system, ISO2000 information technology service management system and ICP certificate.


SEAVI has always followed the reform and development of China's education industry and has numerous interactions with the Company as early as 2019. Over the years, SEAVI has not only witnessed the Company's growth into a leading company in the industry but also the transformation of China's education industry brought about by digitalisation and the use of Artificial Intelligence.


Post investment, SEAVI will become the second largest shareholder of the company. Relying on its first-mover advantage and technological edge, the Company is poised to continue as an important participant in the reform of China's higher vocational education at a time when China's education industry is undergoing dramatic changes.


Despite the continued challenging macro-economic as well as geopolitical environment, SEAVI Advent continues to provide its investors with medium term liquidity as well as superior investment returns. SEAVI Advent will continue to work closely with its portfolio companies to add value to their businesses in order to deliver medium to long term shareholder value.

About SEAVI Advent Private Equity

SEAVI Advent Private Equity, the independent Asian associate of Boston based private equity firm Advent International Corporation, is one of the first private equity and venture capital firms to operate in the Asia Pacific region. Since 1984, the firm has invested over US$600 million into more than 120 Asian companies, from growth to late stage, as well as buyout and control transactions. With a proven track record that includes ranking fourth on Preqin’s Top 10 performance funds for the vintage 2003/04, SEAVI Advent has been instrumental in delivering value to many of its portfolio companies, and has developed an extensive record of successful investments, which include Universal Health International Group (2211.HK), Hainan Shuangcheng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (002693.SZ), and Clarity Medical Group (1406.HK) in the healthcare sector; Weimob Inc. (2013.HK), Huitongda Network (9878.HK), and Sinofriends in the TMT sector; Tsaker New Energy (1986.HK), and Pengyao Group (300664.SZ) in the new energy & advanced manufacturing sector.

In recent years, SEAVI Advent has strengthened its emphasis on B2B technology and the SaaS sector as it believes that China’s digital transformation of enterprises is gathering pace and showing immense growth potential in the world’s second largest economy.

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